Monday, May 10, 2010

Mothers Day!!

My Mothers Day was amazing! I woke up to my son saying he was going to go get dressed for Church which isn't normal for him. My husband made me breakfast and had a gift sitting on the couch for me which I wasn't expecting at all. We went to church heard a wonderful message like we always do! After church they handed out flowers to the moms. Ones that you can take home and plant so that was nice! Then we were off to the in-laws to have lunch with the family it was an amazing day! I hope all the moms had a good Mothers Day!!


Hen Jen said...

sounds like a wonderful day! Flowers you can plant is a really nice touch.

zara nichols creations said...

Yes I was very excited to get flowers I can plant. Now I won't have to buy as many!!

Anonymous said...

have you planted them yet?
hm, i feel like i'm so busy and haven't been for a weekend in forever! :(

zara nichols creations said...

I just planted my flowers today!!
And yeah it has been way too long. You are going to need to come stay soon!!