Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sad week:(

So the week has started out kind of bad. On Sunday I was mowing my yard with my in-laws mower and it broke:( I feel so horrible about that. But of course she wasn't mad at all she is so amazing! And my husband said he could probably fix it with out having to buy anything! Okay so then Monday one of my dogs got hit by a car. He didn't make it. I was really upset mostly because the people didn't even stop to tell us they just went faster. And my 3 year old didn't really understand it very well:( But he seems to be taking it okay! I know this week is going to get much better! I get to go to Springfield to visit friends tomorrow so i'm excited for that!! I will keep posting to tell you how the rest of my week goes!


Anonymous said...

and we had fun, didn't we? it was a good trip.

zara nichols creations said...

We had a super fun time!! Can't wait to visit again!!